The Four Pillars
of Life

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Your best life doesn't have a leg to stand on. It has 4.

Think of your life like a table. A good, functional table needs its legs to be strong, balanced, and wobble free to give it stability. Without that balance, important things slide right off the table, destroying what's valuable to you.

Your health may be sliding because you're making more money than you ever have in your life. Your relationship may be falling apart because you're focused on your career or money, in ways you've never been able to.

As one area goes up, another area comes down.

Coaching helps you maintain the balance so you're not scrambling to keep the important parts of your life from falling off the table and shattering against the ground.

At Insights 4 Life, we focus on the four pillars of life as our fundamental coaching frameworks. Working on those four pillars keeps your life balanced, on track, and able to support you in living your purpose.

Pillar 1:

Your Health & Wealth

You can't thrive if you're not alive. If your mental dexterity, emotional fitness, and physical health are an afterthought, you're bound to under-perform in every area of your life.

Being well is a baseline necessity for you to live an exceptional life. While strengthening your first pillar, we'll explore the depths of your relationship with your being and uncover who you're being with your health.

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Pillar 2:

Your Relationships & Love

You are at least half of every relationship you're in with another person — but you have to be a whole person to make and maintain deep, harmonious connections. You have the power to take your romantic relationships to new heights, have greater depth in your family relationships, and create tighter bonds in your social circle.

Working on this second pillar, we'll identify what roles you're playing in your relationships and what roles you need to play to have the relationships you want.

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Pillar 3:

Your Work & Money

Most people live in a state of financial uncertainty. Even if you're a high earner, you still may not be on track for retirement, feel anxious every time you look at your bank statements and credit card bills, or live check to check (without even realizing it).

Where you are in your career is a reflection of your priorities. As we fortify your third pillar, you'll get crystal clear on how to take control of your career choices and your financial future.

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Pillar 4:

Your Purpose & Spirituality

When you're out of alignment with yourself, you can't live your true purpose. Once you get in alignment and tap into the power of your spiritual substance, you're able to show up as the focused, disciplined person you've struggled with being.

Developing this fourth pillar is key to a purpose-driven career, conscious spending, future financial security, a greater commitment to your health, and showing up with intention in your relationships.

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