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Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great way to experience the coaching transformation in an intimate, confidential, and supportive community space. It's a great option if you're not sure you need the undivided attention of, or don't have the budget for, one-on-one coaching.

In our group coaching spaces, we'll work through the same things we cover in one-on-one coaching experiences, with the support of the group to help you open your eyes to new perspectives and new ways of being. In group coaching, you'll find new family, new friends, new brothers and sisters that you connect with in a powerful way.

Although you'll be sharing space with 4 other people, coaching is always confidential.

Group coaching can help you feel less alone. As you move through the process with your cohort, you'll hear the similarities in your struggles. Someone else in your cohort may have the words you've been trying to find, helping you make sense of what you've been feeling. Together you'll support each other in getting unstuck, feeling clear on your next steps, and finally finding your purpose.

When we're done, your cohort will feel like family. As you become the new version of yourself, you'll love having the support of people who understand how hard you worked to complete this transformation and know you as the new you.

Our coaching cohorts tend to stay connected well past the coaching completion date.

Group coaching is more cost-effective for those who are ready to step into a new life, but whose financial resources aren't able to get them to that elite lifestyle, yet.

Complete our coaching inquiry form here to get a call from one of our coaches and see if you're a fit for one of our cohorts.

I look forward to you being supported by one of the coaches on my team in the very near future.

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